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Marith was born in Detroit, but grew up on the East Coast. Her husband was born near Stonehenge, her kids in South London, and her rescue dog in North Carolina. (Her rescue kitty is a Jersey Girl). She loves to travel, study languages, and cook vegetarian food while listening to podcasts (or vinyl if there's a bottle of wine open).

She has a degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies and has worked in Editorial for various government agencies, nonprofits, and private jet companies in DC, London, and, at the moment, North Jersey. 

In her writing, she's mostly interested in exploring the lives of "side characters". She writes about witches and cyborgs, teenage wizards and immortal demons, android bodyguards and human moms, but they all have one thing in common -- they might occasionally be heroic but none of them are heroes. 


She is repped by Sara Megibow with KT Literary.

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